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Petula Burks

Greater Sacramento Economic Council
Communications & PR Director
After spending nearly, a decade in local government handling media relations, growing social media presence, standardizing marketing and messaging, working closely with administrations and elected officials, coordinating, producing, and marketing events, researching and gathering information, facilitating public meetings, creating/writing policies and procedures and representing the organization(s) in both formal and informal settings, I decided to focus on public health and its connection to communities, elected bodies, education, and sustainable growth and development.

Currently, as the PR and Communications Director for the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, I am responsible for communicating with the top 44 CEOS in the region along with 20 communities. My present position as well as in my past positions, my responsibilities include creating partnerships with community stakeholders, building bridges with our hard to reach population, producing events, writing and creating ad and educational campaigns, strategically planning crisis communication, developing relationships with departments throughout the organization to proactively promote the organization as a whole, and training staff about internal and external branding in order to create a unified brand.