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Kristina Britt

Blackstone Federal
Manager of Creative
Hey there, I’m Kristina Britt. I lead the creative and design practice, Blackstone Studios, for Blackstone Federal in Arlington Virginia, where we work hand in hand with the Department of Homeland Security.

I wasn’t always working in the Federal Government…in fact, a just a few years ago, you could find me implementing customer service and employee motivational programs with theIntercontinental Hotel Group (IHG). After working with the Walt Disney Company and IHG, as well as studying hospitality management and marketing in college, I found that most information technology solutions in the Government aren’t often blending communication and customer service in their delivery the way they should.

Today, I get to dream up ways that I can help other mission-oriented go-getters improve their customer’s experiences, open transparent communication channels with their stakeholders, and share their stories. Extra win if cold brew coffee or a glass of prosecco are involved.
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